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Slabs & Countertops

For pricing estimates, it's helpful if you bring in a copy of your building plan, or even a rough sketch with appoximate dimensions. We are happy to provide you with a cost estimate while you wait.

Custom Slabs: These are the big ones, measuring somewhere around 6' x 10' each. We carry them in both 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. When you hear the term "exotic stones," this is how they usually come. Most custom slab colors are Brazilian, but we also carry other large slabs from all over the world. We have large custom slabs in granite, marble, travertine and limestone.

Prefabricated Blanks: These are 26" x 100" granite slabs that come prefinished on three sides. Slabs for kitchen islands are prefinished on all four sides and come in a 3' x 6' size. An installer can fabricate these to other sizes. This means less fabrication work, which means less cost. The installer seams the slabs together and cuts sink holes according to the unique layout of each client's individual project. Prefinished custom blank slabs allow for a high-end custom look without the high cost of extensive fabrication.

Edges: Prefabricated blanks come in four edge styles: pencil edge, ogee, bullnosed or chiselled. (See below.) On custom slabs, we can produce any edge style.

Ogee Edge Bullnosed Edge Chiselled Edge


Bathroom Vanity Tops: These are available precut for single or double vanities. They are intended for undermount sinks and widespread faucets. Vanity tops can also be made from slabs that are un-cut, so that they can be used with overmount, drop-in sinks or customized for any configuration.

Backsplashes: Matching solid granite backsplashes put the finishing touch on your project. Or, for a different look, use coordinating granite tiles, tumbled travertine, or both.



Rock Bottom Granite, (208) 376-7328
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