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The look of a natural stone sink makes an unbeatable showpiece in the bathroom. Rock Bottom Granite carries a variety of sink styles, including boulder vessel sinks, polished marble, pedestals, and granite slab sinks. Browse our online catalog below for an idea of the styles we have in stock. Not every color is represented here, so please ask if you are looking for something a little different. Click on any photo for a larger image.

Boulder Vessel Sinks
These carved out stone sinks sit on top of your counter for a gorgeous, modern look.
$179-$325 depending on size

Carved-Out Granite Vessel Sinks
The exterior of this striking sink is left rough to show off the natural texture, while the polished interior makes the colors of the granite shine.
$265-$295 depending on size

Polished Marble Sinks
Sleek and elegant, these vessel sinks are polished inside and out and sit on top of the counter.

Granite Slab Sinks w/Wood Base
Huge granite boulders with rough sides are carved out for a bathroom sink and a widespread faucet...these are definate eye-catchers!
$1,295 to $1,695 depending on size

Pedestal Sinks
For a powder room with the highest style, this polished granite pedestal sink is the perfect focal point.

Pedestal Sinks
The rough exterior of this granite pedestal sink gives it a modern, masculine look.

Iron Sink Base w/Granite Top
This elegant iron base with bamboo styling supports a granite sink and counter, which are carved from a single granite slab, not pieced together afterwards!

Giant Boulder Sinks with Wood Base
This show-stopping combination is comprised of a wood base in its natural form and a sink carved out of a huge, solid river boulder






Rock Bottom Granite, (208) 376-7328
219 Murray St., Garden City, Idaho 83714