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All the fountains that Rock Bottom carries are genuine granite -- not cast concrete or resin. Natural stone is a durable and beautiful way to accent your landscape, and each of our fountains is designed to combine stone and water in a way that brings tranquility to your outdoor environment. Choose from a number of styles and sizes, from stately basalt pillars to peacefully decending carved bowls... from the geometric simplicity of square basins to the classic look of a carved lion's head.

Browse our online catalog below for an idea of the styles we have in stock. All sizes given below are approximate. Click on any photo for a larger image.

Elegant basalt pillars allow the water to flow back and forth between them.
(Approx: 35.5" tall x 22" deep x 27" wide)

This set of carved bowls makes a beautiful water sound in the garden.
(Approx: 24" tall x 24" deep x 27" wide)

Noble and timeless, this lion's head fountain is masterfully made.
(Approx: 25" tall x 10" deep x 18" wide)

The mill wheel at the top of this fountain turns as the water flows around it.
(Approx: 20 " tall x 32" deep x 20" wide)

Three square basins offer simplicity and serenity, while adding the delicate sound of flowing water.
(Approx: 15.5" tall x 18.5" deep x 18.5" wide)

So cute!... a little carved turtle sits at the top of this fountain.
(Approx: 28" tall x 19" deep x 20" wide)

The natural boulder shape of this fountain has been preserved, while the interior allows the flow of water from one cup to the next -- a simple and elegant focal point for the garden.
(Approx: 26" tall x 23" deep x 20" wide)

Picturesque basalt pillars are polished at the tops to show off their shiny black stone interiors.
(Approx: 44" tall x 33" deep x 55" wide)


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